Melted Snowman Bulletin Board & Freebie Pack

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Help!  I’m melting!!

Just kidding.  Before we got out for the holidays, I had to take down all the Christmas/Holiday themed things in the hallway and I just couldn’t leave the halls bare. 
We have also been working on plus (+) and equal (=) signs…so the equation was sort of an ode to that!

  I gave my Kinders some construction paper, demonstrated how they could cut and glue it to create melted snow people.  They cut and placed things all on their own.  
(I let go of the control …not easy for me =)

Don’t forget I have a freebie Snowman pack on TPT:

Check out this super cute melted snowman board over at Sunny Days in Second Grade, too:

I sort of based my melted snowmen on the cookies I have seen on Pinterest. Too cute…and YUMMY!


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