Little Red Hen Book Companion

Little Red Hen Book Companion: How much do you love The Little Red Hen?

If you’re like me, you love it!  I love the message of working hard and helping others.  I have been working this week on a book study of the traditional story and some other fun versions.
You can find the pack {here} on TpT

Our week was BUSY!

We made bread!  You wouldn’t believe how many of my students had never seen bread made!

Jack approved!

Look at all the things included!  All the photos I am sharing are activities included in the pack!

We also experimented with  yeast!  The kids were so excited to see the balloon “magically”  blow up! My son Jack loved this part! We learned about yeast and its effects during baking bread. Our bread tasted SO good when we baked it. You can tell buy Jack’s thumbs up! We used this pack during an entire week of learning, including language arts, science, and math, too!

Here are two of the books we read this week, along with the traditional version =)

We also used Life in First Grade’s Little Red Hen Fraction Pack to create these cuties:
Little Red Hen Book Companion is a lot of fun and includes a TON of resources for your students!  Want to win it?  Leave a comment for a chance to get your own copy of my The Little Red Hen pack!  Can’t wait?  It’s on SALE through Monday!! Looking for Chicken Little? Look HERE on my blog!


  1. I LOVE your pack–precious! Such an amazing variety of of awesome activities. The Little Red Hen craftivity is absolutely the cutest. What a fabulous way to bring this folktale to life for kiddos. I love your bread-baking idea and instructions! You have given me confidence to try that with my class. 🙂

  2. Love all the cross-curricular connections, especially the math and science. We are launching our lower school science lab this month and this would be an awesome activity! Also see so many connections to be made with character education, too – #sorrynotsorry. Thanks for sharing your creativity and passion for teaching!

  3. Another precious pack! My kinders did The Little Red Hen the second week of school as part of our color unit! It was our FIRST CLOSE READ for the year!! Lots of fun activities, but I would LOVE to have your pack to go along with this book. It is a great way to teach little ones the importance of all working together to get the work done! So essential in Kindergarten. We talk about how we are a "school family" and we all need to help each other. So fun!!

  4. we did little red hen this year (I do it every year – one of my favorite stories!) I would love to have your pack to add into what I do with my pack! 2 heads are always better than one, right!? ha!

  5. Oh my heck! You make the cutest student displays. I love all of the ways you integrated the one character throughout your different subjects. Thanks for sharing. I really need to win!!

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