100 Days Smarter Pack FREEBIE

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I love celebrating the 100th Day of School!  I decided to create a new packet to help with my 100th Day Fun and I have to say, I am in love with the result!
Even my husband (aka the proofreader) said it was a cute pack…wow!
Included are:
5 writing prompts
2 pages for morning work/daily work
2 class graphs
1 emergent reader for the word “school”
color by number
1 coloring page
3 graphic organizers
3 math (adding) pages, one for 3 different levels of difficulty
2 pages for math journal/word problems
1 make 100 page
1 page for writing center
2 posters for hallway or classroom
template to create a 100 day banner

100 Days Smarter Pack FREEBIE

And for the freebie…Get it {here} on TPT
Just click “preview” to download =)
The button on TPT’s link above to get the freebie looks like this:

If you’d like to win the pack, leave a comment below and I will choose a winner soon!

Would you like to see another post about the 100th Day? I have a newer craft pack HERE

100 Days Smarter Pack FREEBIE is so much fun and celebrating the special day has never been easier than with this pack!


    1. If you click on the link to go to TPT, then click on "Preview" under the picture of the pack, it should be downloaded for you as a pdf =) Let me know if that doesn't work!!

  1. We were supposed to go back today; tomorrow is snow day #2. I think we're on day 79 or 80? I would LOVE to have this packet; it looks great! Already starting to plan 😀

    -Brittany (bmatheis@umail.iu.edu)

  2. Hi! Just discovered your blog this evening!! Adorable! I don't know when the 100th day is… we are snowed in and I can't even see us going back on Wednesday! Crazy weather!! Would love this pack though for our day in February–always nice to get new ideas!!!

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