Let’s Make a Penguin

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I say “Let’s Make a Penguin!” My students love penguins and crafts. So why not combine the two? This pack provides a ton of activities and at least three crafts.

Ok…I know I have exceeded my daily amount of times I should post…BUT I just listed something new that I am super excited about AND there is a freebie if you go to the TPT link and click on download preview…you’ll get a free copy of the penguin labeling page!  So forgive me, k…pretty please???
Let's Make a Penguin
Here is a preview of what is included:
Let's Make a Penguin craft
and here is a close up of the glyph:
Let's Make a Penguin activity
and more of the art projects:
 I also finished my Label It Winter! Pack…soon to be listed tomorrow night!
penguin craft
Oh, and if you are in the mood for penguins..and I know you are, check out this
Playful Penguins Centers pack (here) from my friend Alisha over at the Bubbly Blonde Teacher!
If you are looking for a fun and engaging craft using just shapes, check out this on my blog HERE. It is based around the book, The Penguin Who Was Cold, but can be used with any book. The picture below is of the craft.
penguin craft


  1. Hey! Thanks for the compliment! I keep trying to click on your link but it says you don't exist! I love your penguin center and activities and they will go great with my reading response pages! Heading to put them in the old cart. We should team up! It would be a penguin extravaganza!!

  2. Ok, Reagan…I think I fixed the issue..let me know if it still doesn't link! And I am totally up for a team up! (thanks for letting me know about the linking issue!!)
    Oh, and
    ((hugs)) Hadar!!

    …and Thanks Tammy!! =)

  3. absolutely adorable!!! I'm going to say what I just told Reagan on her blog–you girls make it hard to be a 4th/5th grade teacher sometimes, with all of your too cute and academic activities!!!!

  4. Hey Jennifer,
    I bought one of your penguin packs awhile ago and we just did the baby/father penguin today. The kids were so excited and they loved making it. Not too easy, but not too hard.
    Just thought I'd let you know. Thanks again!
    Grade ONEderful

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