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I have been working on my first real activity pack. I decided to build upon a lesson I do on the first day of school in conjunction with reading The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn (and not tearing up while reading it).  It is a great story!! The pack is 14 pages long and includes a ton of resources for teachers to use with the book on that special first day of school.  The pack includes two handprint poems, three craft templates, a word search, a math matching number game, and a vocabulary word/definition pocket chart whole group activity.    Here are some pictures of the crafts you’ll make:

Anyway, click below and visit my all new TPT store.  Download the pack and any of my other freebies I have added…all I ask is, if you don’t mind, follow my new store and rate any of my products…they are all free, so what do you have to lose?


  1. Jennifer, I love all of the ideas in your unit. How fun to have even more ideas for my first read aloud. Thank you! One suggestion I have is to make sure you use a font for the first poem that is easy to read so that the first graders that are readers can attempt to read it. (Others may disagree with me, but I always try to use fonts that are easy to read, rather than cute – and it's hard because I LOVE cute!!!) I am excited about using your ideas! Thank you!

  2. Thanks guys! @Camille..I struggled with the font choice…I will make another copy of the poem with an easier to read font- and list in the next little bit! Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. This looks great but is it not free anymore? When I go to your store it's says $4.00? We just read the kissing hands books and are studying Kk in our homeschool preschool lesson this week. I wanted to supplement the books with what looks like some wonderful fun things. Just curious if maybe I am looking in the wrong place now.

  4. I know and I apologize! What happened is that the company that I bought the clipart from changed their usage policy so that I could no longer use it for free items…so I had to change it to an item for sale, unless I wanted to purchase an additional license or new clipart from a different company =( I do think there is still a free "download preview" activity at TPT. Sorry about the confusion!!

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