Graduation Directed Drawing and FREE Book Covers

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Graduation Directed Drawing and FREE Book Covers

graduation directed drawing

Graduation Directed Drawing and FREE Book Covers

Graduation Directed Drawing and FREE Book Covers:  I couldn’t resist doing ONE MORE directed drawing this year for graduation.  I tried it and the drawings turned out so adorable, I fell in love.  The directed drawings are unique and each one special, I am always surprised by the uniqueness of each drawing- they are all so different and sweet!  You can find the Graduation Directed Drawing {HERE} on TpT.


I used the drawings to decorate our goody bags.  Of course, this directed drawing is perfect for Kindergarten graduation…but I can see myself using it for other grades as an End of the Year activity.  The FREEBIE at the end of this post includes covers for grades k-5 and a generic version for any grade.

graduate directed drawing

end of the year bags

Inside the graduation bags I added their EOY memory book, graduation beach balls, bubbles, and little stuffed graduation bears.  After the kinders graduate, they go into the lunchroom to get their goody bags!  Along with their diploma, they LOVE the bags and parents LOVE the end of the year books!  It really makes a special night even more special.

end of the year directed drawing

But what to do with the other drawings I’ve collected throughout the year?

directed drawing freebie

I’ve heard from a lot of people who use my directed drawings for an End Of the Year memory book, like I do!  I created covers for the compilation of drawings.  I added choices for grades K-5 and a generic cover to use for any grade or age.  You can get the FREEBIE EOY book covers {HERE}.  Kids add their name and color the front.  I bound mine, but you could hole punch and yarn to tie them together if you don’t have a binding machine.

Guided drawings

graduation kindergarten

Our graduation is Tuesday night, I am sad to see these kids go, but excited to see what the future holds for them!  Hope you have a great week!


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