Houndstooth Teacher and Hear All Recorder Giveaway!

Hi everyone!
I have a fantastic blogger I want to introduce you to…Amy from

She teaches in Alabama (just like me) and is a second grade teacher.  She has a beautiful family, with three kiddos (just like me!!)  Many of her TPT products are geared for second grade, but can be easily adapted K-3.  Go follow her blog and TPT store to see what the Houndstooth Teacher is all about!! 
(I suspect it may have a little something to do with the Alabama Crimson Tide!)
Amy and I decided to have a giveaway with lots of great items and two winners.  
Here is what is up for grabs:
 The Hear All Voice Recorder is from Learning Resources.  These are fabulous for assessments and for kids to listen to their own reading.  It is valued at $99.99!!!  Read more about it here!
One winner will win the two Houndstooth Teacher Packs AND the Hear All Voice Recorder!
A second winner will win the two Houndstooth Teacher Packs AND one pack from First Grade Blue Skies (of their choice =)
 So what are you waiting for?  Get over there and follow her!


  1. this hearall is amazing! I have dreams of using it for assessment, sharing student progess at P/T conferences, and for tracking student progress when there's a sub in the room. I really hope I win! 🙂

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