Filofax Organizer…I’m in LOVE!

Have you heard of Filofax?  My friend Mel (Seusstastic Blog) got me started and I  LOVE it!
It is an organizer…but they come in super small, up to really large.   I chose the pocket size because I needed it large enough for me to jam everything I need in it, but it needs to be small enough to be practical (I keep it in my purse).
The best part, accessories, of course!
 Frixion erasable markers and washi tape sticker sheets!  
 I love these tape sheets because it fits my Filofax perfectly and are better than carrying around my rolls of washi tape with me!
 There’s a pocket, tabbed dividers, colored paper, and so much more!
You can check out what I bought here:

And if you need more ideas for your Filofax addiction, try Pinterest…there are some amazing things out there.  I pinned just a few on my Organization Board {here}

What do you use to stay organized?


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