Classroom Tour 2018-19

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Classroom Tour 2018-19

Classroom Tour 2018-19:   It’s finally time!  School starts tomorrow,, kids come Thursday!  Time flies by when it’s summer!  I am excited to show you what I have been working on all summer. 

The loop de loop border is from Lakeshore!

The table and wall above are covered with contact paper.  You can find the ones I used here:

My kitchen above was my daughter’s, we got it at Target years ago.

The book bins are from Really Good Stuff.  The magazine style bins are from Michael’s.

The paper baskets are from Really Good Stuff.

The dollhouse above is from Lakeshore, my students love it!

My loft is from Childcraft.  I got it years ago with my National Board bonus.

I painted the squares on the wall in black paint and trimmed them with border.

Both of my rugs and chairs are from Target. I waited for them to have a rug sale and got them at a great price!

The fonts above are KG Shake It Off and KG Blank Space.

The above ADORABLE sitting balls are going to be used as a flexible seating option (as needed). You can find them here: (I bought the smaller size)

The fonts above are MTF Jumpin’ Jack and PB Jelly Donut.  I use my train table for my word work station.  The materials are stored int he drawers and the kids “play” with them on the grassy area.  The grass is from Amazon:

I hope you enjoyed this year’s tour!  <3



  1. HIJennifer! I love your room! You have wonderful taste! I am moving into a different room that has no GR table. My room is small – How big is your GR table? They are allowing me to order a new table. Good luck with your class this year. Thank YOU!

  2. Thank you for the tour of your class! Your room is fun and beautiful!
    I love your alphabet wall cards — especially the square ones with the rounded corners. They are visually clear and simple, which is what the little ones need. Are they available for purchase?

  3. Hey! I your room looks awesome! Good luck on your first day! I was wondering what type of paint you used to do you stool with the pencil legs?! I’d love to do that to mine!
    Let me know when you get a minute. Thank you!


    1. Thank you! The stool had been spray painted prior to this so I sprayed it with Kilz… then I painted the legs with acrylic paint. I haven’t sprayed with a clear coat yet, but I probably need to 😉 hope that helps!!!

  4. Hi, I love your room and thank you for sharing your ideas! I’m definitely looking for inspiration this year. I’m moving to a different school and different grade level. I’ll be teaching firsties this year and I’m super excited!

    Quick question: how did you make your rainbow? I looked at a previous post and saw that you did something similar where it looked like bunching but I wasn’t sure. If you could please share details on the rainbow and possibly border I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you 🙂

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