It seems most of us are getting ready for school to begin, or are like me, trying to survive the first couple of weeks of school.  Anything that will make our life easier is a welcome addition to our classrooms.  BIC sent me a box of goodies that are PERFECT for my classroom of writers and learners.
To help achieve our goal, BIC has launched the “Fight for Your Write” campaign, which reinforces how fun and empowering writing can be. The campaign, which can be found at, offers information about writing and tips from literacy expert Pam Allyn to help parents, caregivers and students make a commitment to write more often.
So now that you’re ready to write—but you need the right tools! BIC’s new back-to-school products help make writing fun, inspiring students to confidently express their thoughts through the written word.   I especially LOVE the KIDS line of writing products designed specifically for children’s hands!
I usually start the year off with a lot of labeling activities at my writing station and use that as inspiration for my writing activities later…These pages are from my Back to School Labeling Pack =)  BIC’s dry erase markers are PERFECT for labeling!  
Enter to win your own set of BIC writing tools!


  1. The Bic products would be great to use for Writing Workshop. They can use the colored pens for editing and highlighters to check for capitalization and punctuation.

  2. Super giveaway! I would use the multicolored pens for writers workshop – one color for writing, one for editing, another for revising. Loving the skinny dry erase markers too!

  3. I would DEFINITELY use those dry erase markers in my centers. If it's not something to be cut/glued, my kids use dry erase markers to complete their activities to help us save on making copies. They also use dry erase markers on their whiteboards for both spelling and math.

  4. The pens for kids would be great in the writing center and they also go through dry erase markers so new ones for the literacy centers would be great!

  5. My First grader's would love to use pens, especially the multi colored ones, during journal writing and even during center time for their free write. I will have to go to the store to check out all the new BIC products.

  6. These pencils and pens would be so helpful for my firsties that are still having a bit of trouble with how to hold a pencil and write. Plus I noticed that when kids have cool looking pencils to use they loooove to do their work. Funny, I know. LOL!

  7. My 1irsties and I would make good use of them. They would be perfect for writing anchor charts and public records in whole group. They would be great in monitoring and conferencing writers. Student will love to "share the pen" during interactive writing. I'm sure durinig workstations we can find more……

  8. I would use these cool tools in my centers–that way all of my firsties would get to use them. They would make handwriting practice so much more fun for those that need to work on that skill!

  9. This is a great giveaway. Thank you so much for teaching us about these great items. I had no idea that bic had items like this. These could help so much in our classroom.

  10. I love office supplies!!!! I would use all of these great items in my class for various projects the kids could use the pens for rainbow writing and the dry erase for number practice! I would love to be the recipient of this wonderful prize!

  11. How cool! I didn't know they did dry erase markers! I'd use the pens to grade papers, the dry erase markers for activities the students do on their mini dry erase boards (word work, math, etc.), and I'd use them all for my art station!

  12. These are great! I had no idea that BIC made supplies for kids! These would be fantastic for my writing center in my First Grade classroom!!!

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