Have Fun Teaching {Needs Your Help!}

Do you use videos and music in your classroom?  For kids like my Jack who are very visual learners, it is one of the best ways to get him to learn things like sight words and counting.  If he’s up moving, then he’s happy.  I used the Have Fun Teaching videos a lot last year in Kindergarten and again this year to review skills (and even phonics rules).  My kids LOVE it…they think they’re just having fun!
In addition to providing great videos and songs, they are also trying to help kids around the world!
If this project (of creating videos for all 220 sight words) is funded, the videos will be free for everyone!  Wow!!
Have Fun Teaching needs your help! They have just launched a BIG IDEA on KickStarter that will help kids all over the world learn how to read! Join The Movement – Click Here.
If this project is funded during the month of MAY, Have Fun Teaching will be creating 220 Sight Word Music Videos that will give teachers and parents a fun and effective way to help children become better readers!

Here is a sample video for the Sight Word, “IS”:

Every little bit helps and you can even receive awesome Rewards for backing this project!


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