Amazing *Make a Splash* 120 Mat Floor Game Giveaway

I know I’ve done reviews and giveaways in the past,
but I cannot tell you how much I LOVE the
Learning Resources Make A Splash 120 Mat Floor Game!!

And don’t even ask about whether my kids loved it….I have NEVER seen them so quiet during math stations so that they could get a turn!
As you can see, you have a lot of options with this game that allow you to easily differentiate for your students.  The mat is high quality and large. The dice are interactive and perfect for small hands.
The game is ideal for the following 
First Grade Common Core Standards:
✔Number and Operations in Base Ten: 1.NBT.A.1, 1.NBT.C.4, 1.NBT.C.5
✔ Operations and Algebraic Thinking: 1.OA.B.4
I also think it is a great thing to use with Kinders for number identification! (Or even as a large wall chart!)  Learning Resources really chose the perfect game for kids to practice these skills!
NOTE: If you have won a Learning Resources giveaway on any BLOG during the past 6 months, you are ineligible to win this giveaway! Once 6 months have passed, you can enter again. Thanks!


  1. Yes, I would definitely use this during math stations. My students would think it's very cool, and would love the opportunity to push away our tables and chairs to make room for this. They love it when we shake things up!

  2. I would definitely use this not only for math stations but also for small group work. I can't even imagine how fully engaged the kiddos would be!

  3. I teach Kindergarten and this would be a wonderful independent center to use weekly! There are so many great activities that you could do with this!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  4. I would use this in whole group first for demonstration and practice then place in a purposeful practice math station. I know my students would love this. It looks great for teaching this concept, practice and for a bad weather day at recess.

  5. I would definitely use this during math stations! This looks amazing! We are working on mental math right now (10 more, 10 less) and this would be a perfect way to practice that skill!

  6. Yes, I would definitely use this product. My kiddos love getting on the floor and since I have such a diverse group, this game would be perfect. I can differentiate to meet all of my students' needs. Please, I hope I win!

  7. Yes I would definitely use this product. I would be able to effective engage my mostly ESOL population of students. I would be able to differentiate the learning for my 3 group rotations and centers. I REALLY hope that I win this product so I can continue seeing success from my 1st graders.

  8. I would really love to give my kiddos the opportunity to play with such an awesome number chart….. They already think the 100 chart is awesome because they can use it to add and subtract…. how much more amazing would it be for them to have this super cool one…? Loos super awesome.!

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