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A while back I was at Target and found these flexible ice trays in the dollar section, which I thought would be perfect for Nonsense Word Fluency practice in a station.  The trick is (at the beginning of the year) to get my first graders to remember that the vowel goes in the middle.  So to solve this, I hot glued the vowels to the middle and then the kids add the front and back sounds so that they can sound their “words” out.
It also worked as you can see in Kindergarten at the end of the year!  My Kinders loved it!!
I used letter tiles from an old Scrabble game, I have found them at yard sales and thrift shops…when I see them, I BUY THEM!!!  I can always find a use for Scrabble letters!
I even made a freebie for the station.  
To get it, visit my FB fan page and click on the tab that says 

Oh, and don’t forget the incredible deal you can get on Educents right now for the bundle below!  
Do you have any ideas you use for ice trays???


  1. I love the Gold fish in a bag idea to give to my first graders the last week of school before they become big second graders. Cute idea.
    The ice tray ideas to form works is awesome. I am constantly looking for creative ideas for more word work activities for the students. I can use this idea for centers. Thanks for sharing.
    I have used small square titles and cut out letters to build words but they are starting to peel, which I would have tapped over the letters. Thanks again.

  2. So funny that I made a similar activity for my firsties last year. My ice cube trays were three different colors (the green tray had consonant letters, yellow tray had vowels and the red tray had consonants/digraphs). Students would toss a small cube into each tray and record the letters where the cube landed. They would then identify if the word was a real or nonsense word. Does this make sense? I was going to blog about it but kept forgetting to take pictures. When I'm allowed back into school I'll grab some pics and make a blog post about it. Thanks for sharing your version! Kids love novelty! :o)

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  3. That is bloody brilliant! I have been looking at those longingly and not being able to find a reason to purchase. I bet when I go back they will be gone. Geez I am lame. LOL

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