New Letter Books Freebie and Giveaway

This weekend I have been a bum.  I haven’t done anything, other than work on my letter book pack…well, I did take a shower. =)
The pack has a 6 page book for each letter (two to a page so that you only have to quickly copy 1/2 the number you need…cut up the middle and staple.  No sorting required)!  
You can see what I mean in the last picture.
If you like the Aa example below, you can get it by clicking “download preview” on TPT or TN!
 Find the pack:
I shared a freebie for the letter Qq out of this pack last week.  If you missed it, you can find it
Since my oldest feels like I never share pictures of her…here is a picture from our recent vacation to Disney World!
If you would like to win this pack, leave a comment below and I will choose a person with the random number generator soon!
We have winners!  I chose two!!


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