What I Bought Wednesday!

My summer hasn’t been super exciting (yet) but I have been able to get some shopping done…and as I was leaving my classroom the other day I looked around a some of my purchases and realized A.) I may have a problem B.)I appear to be slightly obsessed with shades of turquoise
 Containers marked down at Michaels…on sale?  I’m in!!
 A plastic work station mat for rolling chairs at Office Depot
 Baskets from Big Lots
 Containers that were marked down at Target
New stapler from Office Depot

Crates and bins from Target and Hobby Lobby
Stools from Hobby Lobby, marked down to half price!
I’ve obviously been way more busy than I thought….I just wish those stools had some turquoise in them!! Dangnabit!
Anyway, this is what some friends and I are planning, so if you are in the southeast and are interested in attending, just let us know!  Everyone welcome!


  1. Great finds–I must agree you are loving Turquoise!! Can't wait to see your room all set up with the turquoise additions! Like you, I may have a shopping problem! LOL!
    -Lovely Nina

  2. I'm doing my home office in turquoise. Love the color. It's so much fun shopping for school items this time of year. Great finds. Puts me in a shopping mood.


  3. I love all the turquoise. I am looking for stools with similar colors too. I love seeing all of your goodies! It makes me want to go shopping!!

  4. Love your purchases!! And can I say…RATS! July 29th is my first teacher work day! Would have loved to have hooked up! I'm just 2 short hours north of B'ham! Maybe next time! If you have an email list…add me for sure!

    3rd Grade Pad

  5. Are those turquoise crates at Target?! I didn't see that color at my store. I have some teal ones from years past, but I am in LOVE with that turquoise color! 🙂 I have been to 3 Target stores in 2 days, but I can always go back. 🙂

    Growing Little Minds

  6. I LOVE all the turquoise! I always spend way too much in my classroom. I sometimes experience a moment of guilt when I think about all the peanut butter sandwiches my family will be eating for supper over the next few weeks because I spent too much… but then I remember how awesome my new super pack of Mr. Sketch markers are!!!

  7. Love this! I also hoard baskets like it's my job! A new Dollar Tree just opened up near my home and I took a little visit tonight… And bought more baskets Haha! #ihaveaproblem Happy back to school shopping!


  8. I love all the turquoise goodies you found. I'm recently obsessed with all shades of the color too, but it hasn't spilled over to my classroom yet, just in my wardrobe. The classroom may be next with your tips. Lol. I also wanted to say thanks again for stopping by my page and leaving a comment. TeacherMsH~ThirdIstheWord

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