Ta-Dah! GeoBoard It! Math Station Pack and a Freebie!!

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I have finally finished and listed my newest  ready-to-go math station for Geoboards!
(thank you, Heather for the great suggestion!)
I had such great feedback with my pattern block sight word station, I thought adding a new math pack was the perfect choice.  Geoboards are usually those things that the teacher who had the room before you left a box of in the floor…and we let the kids explore and use them..but  without a lot of direction and accountability.  This pack allows for lots of variations on activities and fun patterns for kids to create and record.  
It also aligns with Common Core Geometry Standards (which are provided for 1st grade).  
Check it out and click on the “download preview” to get your freebie at TPT!

I hope you love it as much as my kiddos have this week!  
Get it here at TPT
I am feeling excited and positive…and am thinking about the Alabama Blogger meet up…probably will be posting details in the next few days, but we are leaning toward 
February 25th at Chuy’s (at the Summit)…
I will let you guys who have contacted me know for sure soon =)
Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. Looks great Jennifer! I bet my kids will love it. I will have to go check it out later tonight after I do my homework for my masters classes! Ugh!! I don't want to do it!! You can't make me do it!! 🙂

  2. Very cool! My old math curriculum, Saxon, had cards like these. Didn't realize I would miss them until I didn't have them and like others have posted, didn't have a good use for my geoboards anymore. I will head over to your TPT and check it out. Thanks!

    "Kindergarten Kel

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