Read Across America {FREEBIES} and Fun!

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It has been a busy week…and it’s only Wednesday!!  Say what?!?
Ok…back to reality.
I wanted to share some of the things we did for our Read Across America (so far!) in case you are celebrating next week.
How do you like the Seuss shirt I made? I got my craft on last weekend and made it just for our activities this week.   I think it turned out pretty cute!
Our headbands were SUPER cute and a total hit with my kiddos.
You can find the pattern {here} 
(The clipart on the freebie is from 3am Teacher!)
I had no idea why I bought the ‘too short for bulletin board border’ from Target, but it was PERFECT for our headbands!
 We had museum staff from Imagination Place visit our school and make Oobleck, Gack, and Green Eggs & Ham with our students.  It was TERRIFIC!
Our library even got into the decorating for their visit!
 These are shirts my friend, Kelly, painted with her class!
 And this is her Cat Costume!  Cute, right??
Here are some of the writing activities we did …
Yes, that says “I would eat ice-cream on a deer stand”

If you want copies of these and a few more, click {here}
These were pages I made for my own classroom, after seeing ideas on Pinterest and the web….not original, just sharing the fun stuff I made for my kids to use with the books we read =)
Not sure what I will be doing with the egg predictions…maybe graph them or as a writing prompt?
 And of course my kids loved it when they came in this morning to find Pete the Cat was getting into Read Across America Week, too!
What are all of you up to for 
Read Across America?  
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  1. Thanks for making my week 100% easier! I just dusted off my sewing machine to make skirts for my girls today…and I think I'll be making myself a shirt tomorrow! Did you use any interfacing when you made your shirt? Thanks so much for the freebies.
    A Burst of First

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