Plump and Perky Turkey Glyph & Art ~Plus a Freebie

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Alright, as most of you know, I am teaching K this year (only) and so I haven’t wanted to really do a lot of my usual craftivities because for 
1. they are too hard for this year’s Kinders and 
2. My students (these students) can do them next year when they are in first grade.  
So I wanted to come up with something SIMPLE and CUTE…easy for kids to do without a ton of work on my part.  This is what I came up with, I think they are adorable!

 Find it for only $2.50:
The supplemental pack goes along with the book, A Plump and Perky Turkey by Teresa Bateman.  Although the pack has writing prompts that go along with the book, some of the activities are perfect to stand alone, as is the glyph and art activity.  

 if you aren’t familiar with it, you can also find the book on Amazon here!

and here is a video of the super cute book:

And now for a quick freebie found here:


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