Mr Tiger Goes Wild Activities


Mr Tiger Goes Wild Activities

Mr Tiger Goes Wild Activities: One of my biggest obsessions is children’s literature and my newest favorite author is Peter Brown.  He has written some great books like My Teacher is a Monster (great for the standard of using illustrations to understand the story) and You Will Be My Friend.  My current favorite book is Mr Tiger Goes Wild.

The illustrations are what originally attracted me to the book, but the story is terrific, too!  When I used it for a read aloud-think aloud I showed my kids the book without the dustjacket.  It’s just tiger stripes.  When I asked them they said it’s about tigers.  Then I showed them the inside of the book which is  a brick wall.  Hmm, interesting.  What would bricks have to do with a tigers?  “Maybe a zoo?” someone says.

It is a GREAT book for a think aloud.  Mr Tiger is a gentleman, dressed with a top hat and suit.  All the animals are fancy and well behaved in the grey and brown city, as Mr Tiger stands out (being the only think on the page in a color).  But Mr Tiger is restless.  He needs to be free.  He jumps into a fountain and he is NAKED!

The other animals don’t understand why he runs away from the city to the jungle…but by the end, they loosen up and Mr Tiger returns in a hawaiian shirt and finds the best parts of both worlds.

If you visit Peter Brown’s website, you can get the free resources below and more to retell the book and for dramatic play!

Here are a couple of items I created for the story for beginning, middle, and ending and also characters/setting.  You can get the freebie on TpT.

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