MORE Father’s Day FREEBIES and the Beach!

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I have had a lot of people downloading a freebie for Father’s Day that is in my TpT shop.  I decided to add a cover and a few extra pages to it- just to sort of spiff it up!  If you’ve already downloaded it, go download it again and get the new pages!
Get it {HERE} on TpT
These are the older pages that are still included:
I haven’t blogged too much lately because we’ve been at the beach.  For the first time, in like EVER, I didn’t take pictures.  I took some snapshots with my phone every once in a while, but none with my good camera.  My husband told me he was proud of me  He said I usually put so much pressure on myself (and everyone else) trying to get just the “right” picture that I miss out on the vacation part.  I gave it a shot and I think he may be right,,,,to a degree.  I think I need to find somewhere in the middle- some great photos with not a lot of pressure.  I’ll keep trying!
Here are some of my phone pics:
We really did have a great time =) I can’t wait to go back! 
Oh, and in case you missed it, I finished my handouts for the TpT Conference.  If you are a new seller, whether you are going to the conference or not, you might be able to use some of the information included in them!  You can find them {here}.
 Hope you can use the Father’s Day printables!  Happy Sunday!


  1. Thanks for the Father's Day freebies! I am going to use them tomorrow! I had not thought about Father's Day because we only have 3 more days left of school but I need something to fill time in the afternoon. Lovely beach pictures of your kids! You can see the joy!

  2. Oh darlin' there is a middle ground, but if is the stuff of legends. If you find it, call me, and I'll meet you there. Your camera takes pretty great pictures thougyh and the smiles are just wonderful!

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