Label It Space! and Snowglobe Writing Prompt Freebie

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Label It Space!
Great during a unit on Space…or learning about the soft ‘c’…or even as an added 
non-fiction element in a lit station or science station!
Pack includes 13 color Labeling Pages, 3 B&W labeling pages, a direction Page for stations, 
and a planet info page to assist with labeling the planets in order.
Also, I have the snow globe writing page I promised that some of you asked for.  You can find it here
or click the picture! =)
 I did a web on the board for each of those senses and we brainstormed 
things you might see…or feel, etc in the globe.. to help with spelling and appropriate choices (we were able to do a think aloud if someone chose something that didn’t fit… like for “smell” if they said something like “cookies”- we could talk it out as to why maybe that wouldn’t work.)
Hope everyone has a great night!!!  You guys are the BEST!


  1. Thank you!! I've been anxiously awaiting the template…I went to Walmart last night and bought spray glitter:) We've been working on using our senses to make our writing more interesting and this will tie in quite nicely and SO much fun…can't wait!

    Holly, I went last night, $6.94 for a 6 oz can.

  2. Awesome! SO glad you guys can use it! Yep, to me, the glitter spray is a little pricey, BUT I can say I bought my can last year and used it for all my crafts and am still using it this year! =) When it goes on, it looks really wet…but it dries clear and you just see the glitter.

  3. So I was visiting a 2nd grade classroom today and I saw these PRECIOUS double-bubble thinking maps with Santa and an Elf . . . . and . . . they were from Y.O.U!! Adorable.

    Yay – your influence reaches down to TX!


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