I’m Not Thankful… Linky Party!

What?  Did she just say that?  She’s not thankful???
Well, as my readers know, I listed earlier things I am thankful for…
so that has been covered.
There are some things I am NOT thankful for.  
I will limit my list to 5.
1.  lice.  I’m just not.a.fan.  And I have just seen too much *shudder*
2.  video games.  not video games in general…but the ones that distract my husband from his main focus: me.
3.  faculty meetings.  (is that wrong?)  I mean, I know they are a necessary evil..but wahhhhhh!
4.  Poop.  (Again, not really in general…but when it is anywhere, other than the potty, like say…on the classroom floor…or on a bookshelf in my classroom (yes, you read that correctly)…I’ll say no more -other than I am not thankful.
5. Pencils that the eraser immediately pops out of and/or the lead that will just break no matter how you sharpen it.
Ok…that’s it.  My top five (that I am thinking of today) 
All this is just in fun..I am paranoid someone will misinterpret my humor 
(which has never happened before) lol
Link up below and join in some unthankful fun!


  1. I had to start scratching my head when I read #1. I HATE lice!! And…like you, I've see way to much of it. Plus, two years ago, I brought some of those little friends home with me. It was awful 🙁

  2. This is my first time here…. all as a result of your a-typical linkie. I appreciate the prompt for a new post. Thanks for the inspiration. I went off on a long ramble/rant.

    Nice to meet you!


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