First Grade Blue Skies Classroom Reveal 2013!

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I am done!  I mean, I am not “done, done” but I am pretty close to done!  I am not, however, ready for students yet.  There is always so much to do!
My classroom revealed….
I will warn you, I have a lot of pictures to share.  I’m a fan of photography =)

My Book Cover Banner made using Maria at Kinder-Craze’s tutorial!

My data board using my Question of the Day:
Do you not love my new IKEA cart?? (this is behind my desk where I post notes and cute little things my kids give me…I like it messy, apparently!)
Hallway above my bulletin board…thank you to Justine Buck for the idea she shared on Instagram. If you don’t follow here, you should!!  She is SUPER talented!
Banner out of colored burlap. I painted the letters with a stencil I borrowed from our Second Grade 
(Thank you, Paige!)

My new IKEA stools:

Open House:
If you’re interested in having your own custom class brochure created, click {here}
I am also (bravely) sharing a video tour of my classroom!
I almost died when I heard my voice!  EEk!  Ignore all the times I say, “fun stuff” please. I am so nervous about sharing it, so please, no mean comments.  If you don’t have anything nice to say, well, you know the rest =)
Hope you weren’t too bored and that you enjoyed this tour of my home away from home!  I may try to do a video…but that will be later! lol)
Don’t forget the HUGE Back to School Sale going on right now on TPT!
(thank you Lidia for the button!)

You can get a great deal on some of my fav products!  (Geo Board It, Pattern Block Sight Words, Beginning of School Labeling Pack…)


  1. Wow! What a great classroom! Lots of time and attention to details. How did you cover your small group kidney shaped table? It's ALL adorable!!

    1. I covered it very SLOWLY! lol I have another post about it, if you click on "classroom pics" or "ideas" under the labels tab on the right hand side of my blog you should be able to find it =)

  2. So bright and cheerful! I'm so envious of classrooms with more forgiving fire marshalls, you have such great ideas. 🙂 The book banner is one of my fave things. 😀

  3. I'm in LOVE. Love all of the polka dots and color. It looks so cozy and inviting. Your kids will LOVE it. I especially love the burlap banner and the other banners. Precious.

  4. Can you share what you put in your back to school brochure? We have a Backpack Night before school starts (the kiddos drop off their supplies) and I want to have something simple for the parents that night and get into the bulk of everything at Curriculum Night (in a couple of weeks).

    Your room is super cute — I love all the banners and poms!

    Bitty Bilinguals

  5. I am in LOVE with your room! It makes me want to go to Ikea and buy everything in the store to make mine look as amazing as yours. I know it takes time to accumulate everything, but I want it NOW!

  6. I love your room!! I love the idea of taking the book jackets and hanging them around the room. I am going to start that right now! I always hate leaving those on because they tear up so easily but because I can't make myself throw them away I just keep them around. Weird I know. Thanks for the cute idea. –Ashlea

    1. Hi,
      I have used mine for YEARS…someone made it for me and I painted it red. I did some investigating and found this fella on etsy who makes one similar (although his is a little too tall, BUT he does custom orders! I am sure he could make one and just cut down the height. It is only like $30 (with shipping depending upon how far he has to ship it). You could paint it any color you like!
      Hope that helps!

  7. Calling all teachers!!!
    I was the winner of Jennifer's Back to School Night brochure…Jennifer and I designed it together…
    the finished product was AMAZING!!! Jennifer was wonderful to work with and can I just say
    she is so creative!!! I am bursting inside to show it off to all of my co-workers and parents!
    Head over to her tpt store I promise you…THIS WILL MAKE YOUR YEAR!

  8. I swear somewhere on our blog there was a top 10 teacher must have’s that had a cute navy/white/pink tote bag and some pens and markers from Amazon. I was going to look them up but can’t find them anymore. Can you tell me if it was on your blog?

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