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As part of our Investigations Math Series we have to do estimations {weekly} and so I decided to make it part of our Rise and Shine Binders {by Reagan Tunstall- they are phenomenal, btw).  I had shared a picture of my estimation activity and someone asked if I would share it on my blog…so here goes:

I purchased this estimation station off of Amazon…for a GREAT price, but you could just use a jar =)
First I show the kids the estimation station filled with whatever we’re estimating this week…and we discuss what “estimations” are (good guesses).  I show them the little scoop that came with the kit and we fill it with the chosen objects (this week it was tootsie rolls, so I showed them what 10 tootsie rolls look like) and we discussed how many of those groups could be in the station for it to make sense.
I give each student a post-it note and they record their prediction on it and post them on the board.  Then they fill out the first box and draw the items in the jar of their estimation page (below)
Next we count out the tootsie rolls and make groups of 10…then we go back to our desks and record what the actual count was and whether or not our guess was close.
Now for the important part, we go through the post-it notes on the board and decide if the guess is less than or greater than the actual number of items.  Then we place it where it goes inside the hoop.
 Find the FREEBIE {here}
 Hope this post inspires you to try some estimation activities in your classroom (if you aren’t already)!
if you already do, I’d love to hear what you do in the comments below!


  1. I love this idea…..I do estimation later in the year with my kinderkids….I am going to pin this and use it later in the year. I seriously love the estimation station too. Your post is such a "spark"…I love those sparks to get me going on something new!!!

  2. I have the same estimation station but didn't know what I was going to do with it yet! Thanks for sharing this brilliant idea! I love how you incorporate other skills too, like more and less. Thanks for sharing!

    First Grade Garden

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