A Day at School with THE SINK

So as I was saying yesterday, I covered THE WALL (see post here) and had an entire roll of shelf liner left.  I couldn’t just let it sit there all lonely, could I?  As I looked around the room, I remembered the area I painted before school got out- it isn’t finished, but I painted a section of the wall black and added the white. It has always been a tradition for me to hang up the class picture from each year I teach.  It dates all the way back to my student teaching class…all my past classes are always on the wall.  You should see former kids come in my room (we are k-12) and how excited they are to see their picture on the wall =)  PLUS, there is the added bonus of seeing the many different looks of Jennifer (me) over the years.  There is the good….the bad…and the UGLY paisley capri pants.  
(not sure what I was thinking?)

Anyway, I attached the class pics to each other with ribbon and used 3m Hooks to attach them to the wall at the top.  And as much as I thought the new set-up was better than the cork board they used to be on, I couldn’t enjoy it because of THE SINK.  It is the oldest, ugliest, nastiest sink ever.  Now it isn’t all my fault.  I teach with people who attended first grade in this classroom  (not young people, either).  THE SINK leaks and can’t really be used (although I have been known to rinse paint brushes in it in a pinch)  The countertop around the sink is ugly, too….dirty, and yucky, stained beyond belief (the photo doesn’t do it justice).  
So that is where the shelf liner comes in.  I used the second roll to line the countertop.  I think it helps.  
It sure made me smile =)

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  1. Could you get your custodian to shut off the water, remove the plumbing fixtures and then cover the entire surface with a piece of plywood for extra counter space?

    Coincidence…we are having a garage sale tomorrow and I found a pair of paisley capris to donate, too!

  2. I love all your repurposing with shelf paper.

    You are quite lucky – I have been teaching for 7 years & pretty much have moved rooms every year.

    I AM JEALOUS that you can make such semi-permanent changes. It would be a waste for me, maybe I'll keep my room next year (keep your fingers crossed).

  3. I love the new counter by your sink. You did an amazing job! I am not able to go to my room over the summer because we pack everything up, so I am giving my house an uplift! Thanks for sharing your pictures. :0)

    meet me at the zoo…

  4. I can not tell you how happy I am that you posted this! I also have my class pictures displayed. I had them in a frame but this year I was going to have to purchase a new one because I have too many now! Frames are expensive, especially the ones that hold multiple 5X7 pictures. I LOVE your idea of using ribbon. I am totally going to use your idea instead!!!

  5. girl! You will cover anything! I wish I could do something to my counter, but I use my sink like a mad woman! I have all my class pictures from every year too. They love the pregnant ones, ugh! I have them on my closet door!

  6. Your walls look super cute!!!
    I'm terrified to see what my room looks like right now! 🙂

    On another note…how did you get the font to stay CKHandprint in your post?! (is it sad that I know the fonts so well?) Is there a secret?

    Beg, Borrow, Steal

  7. I like the shelf idea already mentioned for the sink. I saw years ago where someone uses a board across their washer and dryer (seriously I do have one in my room!) so here at home we have a board to go across ours and the sink right next to it, for when we need serving space. The board just goes across the sink part, if you can't get anyone to take the soap dispenser out at least, measure around it and get a board cut to size, cover it like counter, then if faucet leaks cover the board with clear contact paper (over the liner) I so understand about working at the school you went to….not much has changed at mine either….including the sinks in the classrooms! It looks awesome thanks for sharing….

  8. That looks great! I forgot about shelf liner at TJ Maxx. I saw some zebra striped liner there one time, but I didn't get it. I've been kicking myself for that ever since. Do you have any other makeovers in mind for your classroom?
    How Cute Is This!

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