Daily 5 {Second Edition} FREEBIE and Book Study Ch 7

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We are working on Chapter 7 (instead of including Chapter 8 with 7, we decided to give Math Daily 5 a week all its own next week!)

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Chapter 7 is all about when to launch the next Daily 5.  They suggest waiting until children have demonstrated independence and increased stamina during Read to Self before going on to the next Daily 5 Choice.  They point out AGAIN that there is FLEXIBILITY (*love*) and that each class is different.  The amount of time it takes one class has no bearing on the next year’s class.
Work On Writing is the next choice because it is so important, we want to get it up and running as soon as possible.  Start off with a new I-Chart for Work on Writing and follow the same process as before.  review, self reflection, practice, repeat.
Allow CHOICE.  Students will be more engaged, motivated, and successful if they can choose the order and also what they do in each location. Tell students ahead of time who will be pulled to work with the teacher to prevent kids like my son from having a meltdown because he just started something and gets called up without being prepared for it.  Provide a lot of Check-Ins with your students to gauge where they are, what they are choosing.  When children verbalize their choices, it provides an  increased sense of accountability. 
Next choice introduced is Read to Someone.  This is often a class favorite.  Explicit teaching and practice is necessary if this choice is to be engaging, as well as productive …instead of total chaos.
Then we introduce Listen to Reading which doesn’t require a lot of stamina building, it is by definition usually engaging for kids.    Not every kid needs Listen to Reading…and that’s OK!  
Last is Word Work, a choice that requires a lot of modeling and practice.  Teacher and students can create I-Charts for Word Work that include 3 separate charts: Set Up Materials, How to Use Materials, and Clean Up Materials.  (all included in freebie pack)

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