#COLORIZEYOURCLASSROOM With Astrobrights {Giveaway} and a {Freebie}

I was fortunate enough to be contacted by Astrobrights  to help launch their #colorizeyourclassroom campaign.  I think we all know how I feel about color…LOVE it!  But it isn’t just about what I love…there is research to support the use of color!  The Color Marketing Group found that color:

Increases retention by 18 percent

Accelerates learning by 55 to 78 percent

Increases comprehension by 73 percent

  • Astrobrights Papers knows that every resource

    counts when it comes to creativity in the classroom.

  • Color can make learning a more fun and impactful


  •  Color paper can add creativity to everything in

    the classroom, from lesson and curriculum to charts and project displays.

To help colorize my classroom, I decided to create a banner!

I simply copied the banner onto colorful Astrobrights paper and cut the triangles out with a paper cutter, then taped them to ribbon.  EASY!

Since Open House is obviously on my mind, I thought about how I could use the colorful paper for typically boring parent handouts!

If you’d like a copy of the banner, Click {HERE} for the FREEBIE!

~If you’d like an editable version to add your students’ names to, click {here}~

With my $50 Office Depot gift card, I was able to purchase MORE paper (you can never have too much!), plastic sleeves, paint, and my favorite Azure blue bulletin board paper!

Which I used to create my new door display:

Oh, and I may have also splurged and gotten a set of Flair Pens!

Each giveaway winner will receive a
customized package of Astrobrights Papers and a $50 gift card to Office Depot,
which carries the largest selection of Astrobrights Papers of any retailer –
all aimed at helping you colorize any project.



Ready for more chances to win and a chance to share your own creativity? Astrobrights is helping teachers in every state get started sharing their COLORFUL ideas with a Back to School #ColorizeYourClassroom contest.

Entering is easy! Just share a photo of how you Colorize your Classroom at the Astrobrights Facebook page now thru September 12, 2014. If your winning idea is selected, Astrobrights will help you Colorize Your Classroom ALL YEAR LONG! One winner per state will be awarded, PLUS a Grand Prize winner. You can also earn bonus entries for each original lesson plan you upload to the page.

For complete information, visit facebook.com/Astrobrights.

This is a sponsored post. First Grade Blue SKies has received payment, trade and/or products from Astrobrights in exchange for promoting, however all opinions stated are my own. Open to US residents only. Winner will be chosen and posted on this original post within three days of contest end.


  1. I LOVE your room and the banner!!! So cute! I would use the paper to make make centers, bulletin boards, banners, math game bags to send home. The possibilities are endless:) Great giveaway!

  2. I use them for center activities, but after reading Kari's comment above, it hit me, if I used colored paper for the weekly spelling words, it would be easier for the students to know which week was which.

  3. The bright colors are wonderful! I would use the paper for my weekly Parent Newsletters that I send home and other important parent notes throughout the year.

  4. I would print classroom decor, centers, notes to parents just to name a few. I am sure I could use that fun paper for just about anything! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  5. I love the idea of using the paper for parent notes home or important information! That way it will stand out! I also am making some flashcards for math and that paper would be perfect!! 🙂

    Catherine! I LOVED reading this post!! It is so well written, and you had me wanting to teach 5th grade!! Enjoy your year with the little ones. It sounds like a fabulous school!

    Smiles from Second Grade

  6. Color….it is my life's blood! I use Astrobrite paper in my classroom, and LOVE their 9×12 envelopes for storing my games and activities. The colors are great, and the weight of the paper and envelopes is outstanding! Can't wait to get my hands on these new colors….I've already got plans for them!

  7. I would use this paper for so many things in my classroom! We do not have access to bright beautiful paper. It's often a choice between new markers for my students or new paper for my walls on my own dime and often times… Markers win .

    I would use this paper to redo my bulletin boards, mailboxes, posters, Word wall and EVERYTHING!!!

  8. I love using brightly colored paper in my first grade classroom. I use it for student work, parent notes, handouts, crafts, lapbooks, decorations… The list goes on and on!

  9. I love astrobright paper! I like to print worksheets for centers on them and also use them for letters and just about anything that I want to be eye catching.
    I also just looooooove flair pens!!

  10. I was just drooling over the Astrobrights selection on Office Depot's website! I use it in place of construction paper when my kids are making crafts that will be displayed. It goes easily into the copier (and doesn't jam it up like construction paper does) and the kids seem to have a much easier time cutting it than construction paper. Would love to win some! 🙂

  11. I love Astrobrights! It works great for making games in multiple colors (so I don't need to figure out which game is missing the piece we found on the floor). It is awesome for my weekly newsletters, parent handouts for Open House and conferences.Who doesn't enjoy color!!!!

  12. I would use Astrobrights for weekly newsetters, parent handouts for Open House or conferences, and students! Student focus can be attained by using this colorful paper for vocabulary lists, tests, choosing differentiated activities.

  13. I love all of these colors! I would use this paper for so many things: classroom decor, notes home, student work; the possibilities are endless. The colors make things so much more cheerful, and the color on the notes home draw attention. LoVe!


  14. How is it you get to host THE MOST AWESOME giveaways?? Every time you give something away on your blog, I find myself praying my name gets picked:) I would use the papers for craftivities and as backing for student writing, as well as printing differentiated reading passages (so I could know at a glance who's whose papers)! Thanks for introducing me to this company!

  15. Anything that matters is done on brightly colored paper. That includes task cards, newsletters, parent communication, letters for bulletin boards, banners, etc.

  16. I would use it for parents at Open House and to make over my classroom in vibrant colors like aqua, hot pink, and lime.

  17. Every year I stock up on my supply of Astrobrights paper before school starts. I use them for bulletin boards, notes/newsletters, crafts, center activities, covers for items such as interactive notebooks, etc. and anything else that I want to draw attention to during the school year. Thank you for this opportunity.

  18. I love colored paper! You can never have enough of colored paper. I would use it for my interactive notebooks, math journals, parent letters, my centers, my bulletin boards, decorating my room with banners and our 1st grade pod.

  19. Love color…it just makes me happy. Kids love it too. I would use it for word wall cards and flash cards, interactive journals, parent handouts, and our dual language color coding. Soooooo pretty!

  20. I LOVE this paper! I had never heard of it until this summer. I love the bright colors! I would use lots of yellow and green to decorate my classroom. I have a monkey theme and use lots of green and yellow too. Colorful paper just makes everything look better!

    Ms. King's Kinders

  21. I would start with my parent communication packet, to the handwritten notes I send my students in the mail, to art projects. The colors are too happy not to use.

  22. Can't wait to create a banner! I typically use bright paper to send notes home via a parent communication folder so parents are sure to see it right away!

  23. I love Astrobrights paper and have used it for years, paying for it out of my pocket because it is sooo much brighter than the colored paper my school provides. Our school colors are purple and gold, so I use Solar Yellow for our weekly study sheet and Planetary Purple for parent newsletters. This helps parents know what to look for each week in folders. I also have many other colors for special notes, forms, and projects. I have my fingers crossed! kimworthey@yahoo.com

  24. This is my first year teaching a combo class and I think having the parent letters and homework packets different colors will really help with the organization of that.

  25. I would use this paper for little bit of everything – decorating, class materials, parent handouts, gifts and likely a lot more!!

  26. The possibilities are endless! Bulletin boards, fronts of file cabinet drawers, jars, boxes, & bins…I really hope I win this to brighten up my classroom!

  27. I would definitely use the paper to run some sight words. This would be great because they'd be bright- but also save my ink! Also, it would be fun to make some colorful individual type boards- like for building numbers with place value, or playing bingo. Carol

  28. Just thinking about it makes me all giddy! I love tons of color in my room. I would use it for my sight words on my word wall, for tons of forms for things like Open House night.. I mean the possibilities are endless! I would love it!

  29. LOVE IT AGAIN Jennifer! You are too much! Since my favorite color is purple, well then you know what I'm going to say… I love the purple and lime green combo. Since my classroom is zebra themed, I infuse lime green with the black and white stripes. The students LOVE it and so do I so we all have a ball together! Thank you so much for always keeping us on our toes! I LOVE IT! Thank you for the giveaway! All the best!

  30. I love astrobrights paper. The colors are so vibrant. I use astrobrights whenever I can in my classroom. It adds a little excitement to our work. I would love a supply of astrobrights paper.

  31. I teach at an Arts in Basic Curriculum school and we are ALWAYS needing paper! I use colored paper for notes home, collages, origami, bulletin boards, and tons of other little things throughout the year. I would love to have a set of Astrobrights!!

  32. I would love these! First I would make the banner. I would use the papers for my weekly newsletters or special notes. I would also use it to "brighten" up the gift tags I make throughout the year for my children. 🙂

  33. I would love to use the paper to color code assignments that students will complete throughout the day. A not so exciting math paper on a really colorful piece of paper instantly makes it better!

  34. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas! I was trying to find a way to brighten my parent hand outs for open house without using all my ink! I love the banner with each child's name included; great way to make the kids feel like a group. And you are so right…you can never have enough colored paper! With a weekly craft, we go through tons of colored paper in my room! And that's not including all the decorating I have to do still! Thank you!

  35. Excited to see all the new ideas and uses of astrobrights! I always order a ream every year in my supply order! It is like gold to me. I am very stingy with my astrobright paper because I am afraid I will run out. True story.

  36. I'd use this paper to go with their bright foam frames along the gallery wall where we hang our best work. I also do a musical every year and this would be wonderful for stage and auditorium decorations!

  37. I would use this for my Super Improvers Wall and for parent notes!! I love anything and everything colorful and always make things as bright and fun as possible!!

  38. I would use this paper to decorate the school. Many teachers in our building do not enjoy decorating so it is my task to "brighten up" common areas. I am always making something!

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