Christmas Classroom Crafts : Reindeer Ornaments

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How adorable are these?  We created these cuties last year and the parents flipped! Christmas Crafts in the Classroom: Reindeer Ornaments

 Kids used their pencils to roll strips of brown construction paper up before they placed them into the ornament.  We painted the eyes on, but I could have used googly eyes instead.
Here are the fillable ornaments  I used:
I also tried the paint ornaments found here on Pinterest…they were fun, but you have to keep turning them, like A LOT or the paint settles to the bottom and looks yucky =(
The paint filled ornament is made with clear glass ornaments r…found on Amazon here:

I know your parents will love these Christmas Reindeer Ornaments. Crafts in the classroom are just my favorite.


I hope you love these Christmas Classroom Crafts : Reindeer Ornaments. In the past, I have let kids write little messages on the brown strips of paper before they roll them up using their pencil. Last we put the rolled up pieces in the ornaments. I tell them someday they can open them up and read all their messages! How sweet is that?

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  1. Oh my gosh, those are so cute.
    I just wanted to share that I used your simple ornament bulletin board craftivity today. It was so fun to make. My kids loved it. We used it to decorate another teacher's door as a random act of kindness. The teacher loved it, and my students loved making her day!! I blogged about it I linked to your blog and your TPT page. Thank you!!!!

  2. THESE ARE JUST WHAT I NEEDED!!! Thank you for the idea…$4.40 per bulb is a bit much for my budget X20 kids….I will look for others thought!

  3. Can you tell the supplies needed to do this craft? Trying to arrange for a Christmas party with 25 kids at school. Also, can you tell me the link to get the bulbs? It seems to be missing for your page.


    1. Essentially yes, if you cut it just big enough it won’t move around and since the ornaments open, it fits perfectly inside =)

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