~Banger~ Fry Phrase Sticks

DO you have your students practice phrasing? Fry’s Phrases are some of the most commonly encountered words in elementary school reading.  Practice reading these short sentences and phrases to improve your speed and accuracy in reading fluency.  Remember, being a more fluent reader typically means you comprehend more of what you read Most of my kids aren’t ready right at this moment, but soon I will be adding phrasing to my lessons and stations.  I just finished this awesome…and super easy station!  
Banger is a game we play (other folks call it other things =) where the kids pull out a stick and if they can read the word or phrase, they get to keep it…until someone pulls out the “Banger!” stick, and then all the sticks go back in the container and they start over.  Well, I have seen some super cute packs by other bloggers that use sight words, but I decided to use Fry phrases with the game…and to make it super easy, all you have to do with this unit is print them out on Avery labels …stick them on large craft sticks and voila, you are done (in the past I have written them on the sticks- takes forever!!).  
The unit includes full color directions and pictures to help you create your station!  The pack includes 150 phrases…there are only 30 shown…wow, that’s a lot of phrases to get you going!
(sorry for the yellowish picture!!)
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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I bought Banger! and Banger2! and made the first Banger using the Lay's Stacks cans (it took two cans for one Banger! because of the middle of the can). We use Lay's Stacks cans (plastic, more durable) for KABOOM! at our school to review concepts. You know the answer, you keep the question/answer strip. Get KABOOM! and you have to return all your strips to the can. My students love BANGER!

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