Watermelon Math Freebie

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I normally do a Watermelon Day in August, but with us starting school later I just ran out of time!  Instead, I still fit in our watermelon craft, but used it as a way to problem solve and make equations to make 10.  

Students started by making a plan of what seeds they would use to make 10.  They had three color choices.  They drew their choices on paper and wrote an equation to match.

Next we made they made their watermelons and used their plans to gather their seeds.
 They turned out so cute!

They used the recording page below to write their equation neatly and glue to their watermelon. 
If you would like to do additional watermelon themed activities or the pattern and glyph that matches these watermelons, check out my pack here!!

You can see one of my original posts about it here!

If you want a great book to read during your watermelon studies, here is my current favorite:

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  1. Super cute!! But can I ask you, do you always get to three digit adding this quickly? I'm feeling a little behind!

    1. No, and we didn't do it "officially"…I just decided to give them the three color choices and since I had taught about half my class last year, I knew they could do it. I had them create the plan so I could look at it, talk about it with them and they could make changes if it wasn't correct. I was surprised at how easily they "got it", but I don't think they are ready for it without the visuals and manipulatives (seeds). =)

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