Turn and Talk Partners

Something most teachers do is turn and talk partners while at the carpet reading a book.  I decided to finally take the plunge and discuss the way to have  a turn and talk partner with my Kinders.  It is important for all my kids to talk (especially my EL kiddos), even when they aren’t comfortable sharing something out to the whole class, they can always share with their partner.  Of course I pose questions to guide the ‘talking’.  I wasn’t sure if they would understand what I wanted them to do….but as usual, I underestimated them!  They did a great job.  Very simple trial here…we read Is Your Mama A Llama and discussed our favorite parts and favorite animals from the story.
 talking, talking, talking…but still on task!!
Here is a little response page to extend your turn and talk time (if it ever lends to it =)
Get it here or click on the pic below!


  1. We call it 'elbow partner sharing' at our school – the kids love it! I had never thought of having a response sheet – what a great idea!

    PS I love your fish in the background of your first photograph – too cute!

  2. I started doing a lot of this too. I use the whole Brain model. I;ll say teach your neighbor what the setting of the story is. Clap, Clap (hands in the air) 'teach', the kids respond-clap, clap (hands up)'OK". And they turn and start talking. It;s so stinkin' cute and they all get a turn.

  3. Great idea!! My kiddos really need help in this area. It seems like they're always interrupting others. I have a giveaway on my blog if you want to check it out!
    The Hive

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