Sunday Smorgasboard!

Sunday Smorgasbord Time! 
First up…
I attended the NEAEC Conference this week with some of my school besties and look who I met!
I am making this picture larger because I want you to notice what Valerie from Georgia Grown Kiddos pointed out to me is hanging from the ceiling above Shari Sloane! lol

 Deanna and Shari were BOTH GREAT!
Next up….
We have winners for my two big giveaways this week!!

I have a couple more giveaways that I am doing this week, so be on the look out!
I have started to get activities/copies ready for the first few days of school…every year, I find myself stressing out over it…and then it just flies by!
Here are some of the things I am using:

In addition to making copies, I bought some colored burlap and chevron to do “something” in my classroom…what that “something” is, I can’t be sure of right now!  Ever done that??
I found the burlap at my local decorator fabric store (pretty inexpensive, too)…but I did some investigating and found some on Amazon, too!  Here is where I found the turquoise, but you could also search for lime or red…etc!

Oh, and last but not least, my middle baby had his two front teeth pulled!
Link up with Michelle with your own Sunday Smorgasbord here!


  1. I sometimes buy school stuff just because I "know" I will figure out how to use it later. I also fret about the first few weeks of school and they ARE gone before my worries are. Lol.

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