Revised Items!

In amongst coming back from a vacation to Disney and a minor surgery, I spent my Spring Break (last week) revising and updating some of my older packs.  If you have purchased any of these packs, please go download them again…you won’t regret it!!
This pack doubled in size and got some awesome new graphics!!

My Reader’s Theater Set, with two new scripts!
Added 2 new recording pages for the pack!
Added a new B&W recording page
Added a third set of ABC cards and improved pictures!
This pack got a new cover.
Updated this pack with simpler fonts and added a couple more writing activities.

Added a writing activity and class graph
Added a class graph and writing activities.
Changed the font on this pack!
I am working on updating my graduation pack…so look for that soon!


  1. Hi Jen – I hope you are okay. I am heading back to school on Monday after 2 weeks off for s. break. I have made a ton of new products but been updating ones too. Some of my old ones – look so 'old school' if you know what I mean. Thanks to growing and learning! Love peeking in on you. Have a blessed week. Hugs,
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

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