Question of the Day for Kindergarten


 Question of the Day for Kindergarten

Question of the Day for Kindergarten: When I moved from First Grade to Kindergarten (for this year), I thought my Question of the Day was something that I would have to throw out.  As the year started though, I realized I could find a way to adapt it for my Kinders.
This pack was my answer.
This version should get Kindergarten teachers through an entire year, 180 questions!   I arranged the pack in a way where it progressively gets harder throughout the year. (The pack is 191 pages!)
 It begins with letter naming, then sounds, then nonsense words, identifying silly/real words, goes to reading a sight word, and then simple sentences…all with a yes or no answer.  The pack contains 180 days worth of questions, a poster for your board or notebook, and optional word titles for your board.
 (This is an example from the beginning of the year.)
I place the questions in plastic sleeves, in page number order, and then put a ring in the middle hole.  It hangs next to my board.  You could use pictures instead of student numbers with a magnet on the back, tins from the Dollar Store have been painted and then covered with wrapping paper with Modge Podge over them for the Yes and No Sections.
 My ELL students LOVE the question of the day!
Table of Contents
Weeks 1 and 2 Letter naming upper and lower case with 3 letters
Weeks 3 and 4 Letter naming upper and lower case with 4 letters
Weeks 5 and 6 Letter naming upper and lower case with 6 letters
Week 7 Say the sounds cvc short a as medial sound
Week 8 Say the sounds cvc short i as medial sound
Week 9 Say the sounds cvc short o as medial sound
Week 10 Say the sounds cvc short u as medial sound
Week 11 Say the sounds cvc short e as medial sound
Week 12 Read three cvc words
Week 13 Read three cvc words- extension is one a real word?
Week 14 Read three cvc words- extension is one a silly word?
Weeks 15-31 Read the sight word (mainly Dolch Primer)
Weeks 32 and 33 Read simple sentence- color words
Week 34 Read simple sentence- shape words
Week 35 Read simple sentence- sight word verbs
Week 36 Count the syllables in a picture
(poster and words for your question of the day area are also included)
Leave a comment (with email) below to win this pack or a different pack of your choice from my TPT shop!
Congrats #40 Cheryl!

Don’t forget that I have Question of the Day packs specifically for First Grade, too!



  1. I love using a question of the day. I use it in math and have them keep a journal of their answers. It's a great way to see how my students respond to word problems. These look like another great thing to incorporate in my classroom.

  2. I have started doing a sight word of the day in my class, but I love the idea of starting it in the beginning and building on it! Looking at your post had me thinking about where I could set up this question of the day in my classroom! Love this idea, I would love to win this pack!

  3. Love this idea. I have a similar entrance routine. They have a letter, sight word, or addition/subtraction fact on their desk each morning. In order to do lunch count they have to tell myself, my aide or student teacher what is on their cards. It's very easy to differentiate according to abilities from low to high. Thanks for the new idea! 🙂 Laura Peden

  4. Hi Jennifer! I am your newest follower! I found your blog thru Fifth in the Middle's State Link. I love, love, love the red book case in one of your photos!
    Visit my blog when you have time!

  5. What a fantastic idea! So many of my lovely kindergarteners enter the classroom sleepy each day, and I would love to have a question of the day to get their minds thinking first thing in the morning! I wish I could take a tour of your precious classroom, but I am from a "rural" part of Tennessee! 🙂 I sure have my fingers crossed to be the "lucky" winner of your awesome packet! Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. I love this idea. I am just wondering how exactly you implement it. When do the students read the letters, or words, to you?

    1. Thanks, my kids do it as part of their morning routine. They may or may not read it to me- they might read it to a friend or themselves instead. It just depends on the class and time of year 😉 hope that helps!!

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