Meet Up Follow Up!

I had the BEST time at our latest Alabama Blogger Meet Up!  
First off, we ate a yummy Tex-Mex lunch at Chuy’s!

 Vicki, Me, Angela, and Sarah

 Dana, Me, Katie, and Linda

 Me, Angela, and Sarah

 Angela and yours truly

Vickie and Moi
and a little picture below of the goodie I gave everyone!

Next we had dessert at Steel City Pops (yummyx2)

 Angela, Sarah, and Katie
and below: Linda, Vickie, Dana, and Me

And then it was time for our field trip to Hobby Lobby!  Because of Teaching Maddeness, I was lured into obsession with this chair…which I bought, even though the sweet boy that I harassed would boy let me use my coupon!  I think my friends enjoyed the scene I made! lol

If you don’t already follow these ladies below, then RUN to your computer and check them out!!

Sarah Cooley from First Grader At Last
She is adorable and so sweet, and did I mention I love everything she does in her classroom?? I have a bit of a blog crush on her, for real…

Vickie Plant from Mrs Plant’s Press
She is the mother to the cutest baby in the world and everything she does in her classroom is something I always want to make time to do…her centers are SO STINKIN’ GOOD!  

 Angela Griffith from The Daily Alphabet

Angela is my girl, she is funny and tech savvy like no one else!  She is a great teacher and her morning work is TDF!

The Daily Alphabet

Linda Larson from Down the Learning Road
This is the quietest, nicest girl you would ever want to meet.  She brought me a gift, how awesome is that??  She just moved and has a lot on her plate, but she still made time to come meet us!

Dana was so outgoing and fun!  She and I have similar driving tastes…so you better work hard to keep up with us.  She also just moved and is busy searching for a job….oh, and did I forget to mention she is pregnant??  I had a blast meeting her!

Katie Smith from Adventures of Ms. Smith

She is so young and sweet!  She is having a 500 follower giveaway for a Target gift card…so you need to get over to her blog and!

Adventures of Mrs. Smith
Susan Morrow from Keep ’em Thinking
Katie is a doll.  She is the gifted coordinator for her school system and I can tell she loves her job!  She has some great multiple intelligence posters in her TPT shop…did I mention they are free AND terrific??
Keep 'em Thinking

All these talented ladies are worth following!
And before I go,
don’t forget there is a KinderLand Sale going on right now…20% off everything in my TPT shop!!


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