GeoBoard Activities and Fun!

Today to add to our shape classifying, I got the geoboards out and let the kids have fun.  They.Loved.It.  #bestteacherever

I did use the materials out of my GeoBoard It! Pack (currently on sale, btw!…wink, wink)
…the pack was a huge hit, I must say!
I meant to take pictures of some of the recording pages where the kids record what shapes they made and plan ahead…but I just got busy!  Sorry!
My original post about my pack can be found here.

Thank you, Hadar (Miss Kindergarten) for the graphic!


  1. This pack is great. I just used them in my Math stations today. They really like the variety of pictures you included. They used the recording sheet where they drew an easy one and a hard one.

    1. Thanks! The name tags self stick and are really super duper thick-plastic…they are from Really Good Stuff and are awesome! (a little pricey, but worth it!)

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