For Those About To Rock…

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I have been diligently working on this pack for what feels like FORVER…and I finally got to try it out with my class last week and I have to say, it ROCKED! (excuse the pun…but this pack is full of them!)
Ok, so the title sort of dates me…a little shout out to all those AC/DC fans out there.
You can find the pack {here} and it’s on sale for today!
Here is the anchor chart I shared on Instagram (follow me here) last week!  My kids used it as a reference tool all week.
We created models of each type rock to add novelty and fun to the learning!
We wrote about rocks…
 we went on a rock hunt outside…
 we learned about where each type of rock comes from and its characteristics…
 We learned that chalk is a rock and made chalk drawings outside….
 we explored a rock collection I found on Amazon…

we read about rocks…

we discussed what rocks are used for….
 we wrote books about rocks….
 we drew our rocks…
we grew crystals on rocks….

 and of course made these ADORABLE rock crafts inspired by the awesome clipart by MelonHeadz that is used throughout the pack!

Hope you LOVE it!
If you’d like a chance to win it, leave a comment, maybe about what you do when or if you study rocks.  You can find my newest pack {here}
Happy Sunday, y’all!


  1. Oh man! I need this packet!! Our county has a unit on "Pebbles, Sand and Silt." Yawns-ville! I find myself just skimming over it because it is so dry! Your unit is just the thing I could use to add some fun and pep into my rock lessons!

  2. How cute….I love the red and white polka dot letters! This looks great….when we study rocks, my kids always think it is amazing how rocks compare in weight…some can be surprising!

  3. I would love this for my son. Just yesterday we were looking at his rock collection. Each summer, we collect rocks from our travels. This unit would help us to classify them.

  4. We've been working on rocks and my students are fascinated! They are looking everywhere to see what is made of rock and trying to find new ways we can use them.

  5. Haven't taught rocks since for many, many years. Last time I did, it was with my 3 rd graders and I haven't taught 3rd for 20 years! I think my firsties would really love this. Looking through your pics and blog has got me excited about teaching this to my kids! It looks so fun!! 🙂

  6. I love the ways you make rocks with food. It makes it more real. I'm just starting tomorrow. Our two upcoming field trips are to a local Cavern and a limestone quarry down the street from our school. We actually drive down inside it on our bus. I always feel a bit like Ms. Frizzle!

  7. I also use The book Sylvester and the Magic Pebble and do a writing activity on what their magic pebble would do.One student wrote that i would say yes about going outside to play more.

  8. We just began our study of rocks now! This is ADORABLE and SUCH a rockin' pack!!!! (Your pix are to die for.) My firsties LOVE taking a rock walk at school and again at home…collecting a few rocks along the way for us to sort, investigate and wash. 🙂
    Smiles – Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  9. When I taught 8th grade earth science many moons ago we made sedimentary rocks with stacked starbursts and then we folded a twisted out sedimentary rock to make metamorphic rock. We also made igneous rock from melting broken lifesavers. Just sharing ideas! 🙂

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