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Last summer I shared the class brochure that I give to parents at the beginning of the year (and also to new students when they arrive).  You can see that post here!

I have had many teachers email me asking about how I created the brochure.  I create brochures in Pages (Mac) and then save it as a PDF.  You can check your own versions of Word or Pages and use the brochure option in their templates menu.  The clipart and alphabets in the Ocean version of the brochure from last year are from Lettering Delights.  This year I have created a more neutral version of the brochure, here is one cover…(the other is at the top). 
I have had many teachers also ask if I could create a brochure for them.  I decided to offer a listing on TPT  for a customizable brochure.  You can choose theme, content, everything.  The brochure can be used for more than one year, unless you choose to have the year placed on the front. If interested, you can check the listing out here on TPT!  A lot of work goes into these brochures, 
I hope you love it! 
*check back Tuesday night for the winners of my 
You still have time to enter!!


  1. I really love your brochure! I've wanted to make it for a couple of years but I keep running out of time! I really want to have one this year! Thanks for the opportuney to win it! Fingers crossed

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