Bulletin Board Linky Party

I thought it would be fun to  join the linky party over at Sunny Days in Second Grade and share some of my bulletin boards…it is kinda my thing and I *wish* I had taken pictures of them all over the years =( But, these are the ones I could get hold of here at home!  Hope you enjoy!
And more recently joining the fun over at Miss B, Busy Bee and linking up!

For more bulletin boards, click “bulletin boards” over on the right side under the ‘labels’ title!

If you’d like more information on these watermelons, click {HERE}


  1. WOWZA! These are so stinkin' cute! How do you find the time to put these fabulous boards togehter? I love how you have LARGE pictures in the middle…do you draw these?
    Awesome…thannks for sharing!

  2. Please share? Do you have a Cricut fir the die cuts or just buy lots of die cuts. I love the pink polka dots. Makes me want to chane mine.

  3. @S.Parker: The dots are super easy, all you need is acrylic paint and a circle sponge brush from Walmart…they come in a bag of three sizes, they have handles and make the most *perfect* circles you've ever seen. The trick is to spin it just a bit before you lift up. Hope that helps!!

    @Megandw: yes, I draw it all, except for the owl in the middle- he's a placemat from Target =)

    I'll share the crafts for sure as the holidays during which I do them approach- it is tough to share to much since I am home and all my goodies are at school.

  4. stinkin' adorable. all of them! can you please come make some cute bulletin boards for my classroom? ha! thanks for the inspiration…off the the Parent Teacher Store!

  5. The sandwich goes along with a book, Sam's Sandwich…we just retold the story in the sections of the burger- it is a fold out book with gross ingredients…it is part of a series by David Pelham. Kids love them! I have those dots, too…they are in my daughter's room! I also used a circle cutter and did red/ white ones…laminated them and put them around the wall of my classroom. =)

  6. I see you've been influenced by the wonderful Angela Wynn! I noticed quite a few of her craft projects on your boards. She is the best!! She was our reading coach at one time so we have lots of her work at our school.

  7. Yes! Angela has shared a TON of resources and ideas with us when she was our regional reading coach, too! She is a wonderful teacher and SO very creative! It's hard not to copy some of her ideas…they are just too darn cute! I wish she was still our coach!!

  8. LOVE your "Frying Up Great Readers!" bulletin board! Well, we love ALL of them, but we FEATURED that particular design at our blog, Bulletin Board Ideas! 🙂 We were sure to give photo/idea credit, as well as a link back to your blog, but we'd love for you to take a look at the post and, if there are any problems, we'll fix them/take the feature down right away!

    Thanks so much!
    Kayla Johnson
    Bulletin Board Ideas

  9. They aren't hard…just let the kids paint a brown stick across the bottom of a piece of card stock and add a few twigs shooting off…let it dry. The let them use their finger to dot pink circles across the top of the stick according to how many family members they have. Then I added the details to the owls…half circles for the wings, eyes, beak, etc. Across the top of their page, they wrote, "Whoooo loves ya, baby? They turned out super cute! Hope that helps!

  10. Love,Love all these beautiful boards!!!
    I love your red and white polka dots letters and boader….Where did you get those?

    1. The border is fro Creative Teaching Press (not sure if they still have it) and the letters were either by them or Frog St Press (I think) but it is no longer in stock…. makes me sad b/c they were/are AWESOME!!

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