Alabama Blogger Friends!

I have had a lot of great folks respond that they are interested in meeting up some time.  I have filed all your names away and still would love to hear from anyone else interested.  I was thinking before sending out an email with time and place…maybe I would ask for suggestions. 
I was thinking maybe lunch on a Saturday?
We could plan for some time in February…so if there is a date that does NOT work, leave a comment..and I will try to accommodate for as many people as possible  =)
I know I had mentioned Red Robin (maybe in Trussville) but I am open to anything…
(there is also Chuy’s at the Summit or Superior on 280…just “holler” suggestions below…lol)
If you are like me and can come anytime (as long as I know in advance) then you are fine to not comment as long as you have emailed me or commented on the last post about it! =)
Anyway, sorry about the double post tonight, just wanted to make sure I got some feedback from everyone about dates and location.

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  1. Hey girl! I can come whenever as long as I know in advance! Chuy's is good, and Flip Burger at the Summit is good too! I'm up for anything! Can't wait!


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