One word: Awesome.

Have you ever had something you bought as a teacher and then put it on a shelf, just to make room, thinking that you will get back to it…and then of course, you forget about it?  Well, I have had that happen more than once.  The other day, I found three books I purchased last year..and then forgot about.  I got them out and within a few minutes I remembered why I bought them…they are awesome.  And the best part? Even at regular price they are a bargain for $7.99 (what I paid for them) but when I looked them up online, I found they are on sale right now at CTP for: $3.20 each!!!  Click here  to find them and read below to find out more about how I use them and set up the station!
(and there is a freebie at the very bottom! =)
If you are a follower of my blog, you know how much I appreciate a good lit station that is ready to use, no muss, no fuss.  These books fit the bill.  They are from Creative Teaching Press and include the cutest text frames to read sight words, rhyming words, long and short vowel words, and even some phrases!  The cute animals were what caught my eye initially…but after I punched them out, laminated them, added a craft stick for a handle- and saw just how easy they were to use…I was in love.  And my kids love them, too.
    The kids use the text frame to show words in the window and read  aloud.  

 I added a recording sheet to each folder for them to record the words they read…and a direction page on the back. 
 Details: I printed the 17+ pages they read on colored paper (a different color for each book…so like the sight words are all yellow…rhyming set are all green, etc) and placed them in plastic sleeves. Then I labeled the text frames on the back with the color word that corresponds with the correct pages and placed each set in a colored folder that goes with whatever color paper is used for that set.  Each set has three frames (the books have three of each frame!! SO if one gets worn out, you have back ups!) 
I use them in my word work station…in one of the half size crates I bought from Walmart.

My kids love using them and it is helping their fluency (not to mention they are super cute!)
If you would like to pick up the direction page and recording page:

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